Zombie Dash (56)

Zombie Dash is a new Polish brand, founded in 2013. The outstanding designs combine comfort with feistiness. Members of the Zombie Dash Team personally oversee every detail, and give extreme attention to quality and durability of the crafted goods. The designs are inspired by kids: little imps and energetic rebels who are always willing to play and have fun.

Zombie Dash Team are the creators of a very distinctive model of children pants and hoodies with a “toothy surprise” – HUNGURY ONE. It is an original patented design!

All products are sewn in Poland, and are made from fabrics manufactured in Polish knit factories on special order of the Zombie Dash.

The brand develops itself together with its clients. The initial offer for pre-school kids was broadened, after he company found out that its “toothy” designs are coveted by older children and… their parents as well!