Zombie onepiece cloud dancer

delivery: 7 days

119.00 CHF

Our new One Piece Zombie Dash jumpsuit is a zombiastic piece of casual clothing! Its stylish appearance is guaranteed by refined tailoring, comfort by warm and soft fabric , while badges, a toothy printed hood lining and the Zombie Dash brand tag, add unique character to this jumpsuit:) On the back, under the zipper, hides a toothy grin! WRAUU!

A great idea for lazy ones but also for those who are too busy conquering the world to care too much about choosing their stylization:)Now there is One Piece–the best stuff all in one piece!

Jumpsuits are sewn in Poland and made from the best possible, unique fabrics manufactured in Polish knit factories on special order of Zombie Dash!

They are made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester.

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