Amulet set - small mint-white bag and elegant box

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99.00 CHF

Amulet set, consisting of a small bag made of waterproof material in mint-white colours, removable stripe and elegant box with gold leaf. The interior of the bag is filled with quilted lining. Feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Love? Happiness? Wealth? Close your eyes, say mentally request and cut the thread that tied the bag of wishes. It stores them until a dream come true. This is a unique bag, which can be a perfect gift for any occasion.

WEIGHT 0.20kg


DIMENSIONS width bottom 16 cm; width of top 18 cm; height, 11 cm; width 4 cm; strap length 120 cm

MATERIAL waterproof

DECORATION logo flower

FLY flap


LINING COLOUR  green-violet

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