Goshico (36)

GOSHICO, a unique brand of fashion accessories. Created by two sisters - Małgorzata Kotlonek-Horoch and Agnieszka Kotlonek-Wójcik - specialized in original, handmade bags of the highest quality.

Our origins date back to 2008, and a revolutionary idea of combining raw felt with a colorful, densely woven embroidery. We initiated a trend that took over polish (and thanks to our distributors, not just Poland) streets, and when it saturated, we were prepared to make another change in the segment of women's accessories.

In GOSHICO we believe that every woman - has a certain personality - is also unique, because of her individual style. A style that is growing, but is stable and remains with a woman much longer than the trend of the season. We design handbags for women who are looking for that what is unchaning in themselves in wear and accessories. We are looking for timeless solutions and we homage to timeless values. Two the most important, are quality and courage, but also respect for the customer.

GOSHICO quality, is the focus on comfort and functionality of structure. This designer, original patterns. They are the best materials. They are worked out in detail finishes - lining, fittings, fasteners, handles, belts ... Quality of GOSHICO, the manual production of each bag, which is a sign of respect for needs of every woman.

Courage, is a way of thinking about designing. It is a need of searching for new solutions. We are not afraid of non-obvious combinations of colors. We are not afraid to combine textures, and even styles! In GOSHICO everything is possible! Evening, elegant bag has a long additional strap, so that the client may wear it on a bike or for shopping.