About us

 SILK & CHIC CONCEPT STORE was founded by women to inspire other women to express themselves through their clothing and accessories choices. Our products combine high quality fabrics, sewing and finishing details.

We believe every woman should have in their wardrobe something unique, but at the same time something timeless - clothes that are perfect for any occasion, a combination of styles and colours.

In addition to our women’s collection, we are offering children’s collection that is of the highest quality and latest fashions. We know that kids also want to be fashionable and how important it is to them to dress in their own unique style.

All our assortment is made in Poland with the use of highest quality fabrics from Europe. We work with best young designers who create unique and limited collections – now available in Silk & Chic Concept Store.

We are sure that each of you will find in our store something that satisfies your desires for high quality and fashionable clothing.

Welcome to the beautiful SILK & CHIC world!